The company was founded at the end of December 2009. The headquarters of Lima was officially launched in March 2010. In July 2010, the Chimbote branch was established, which officially opened in September of that year. After more than seven years of hard work, the company has a professional agency strength, can meet the diverse needs of the owner, and always adhere to "provide customers with a fast, efficient and quality service" business philosophy, and won All praise circles. The last two years, the company's average annual proxy of China's ocean nearly 180 fishing boats, until the end of 2017, since the establishment of the company, agents companions various types of vessels of more than 1120 vessels, including agents of Transportation 2017 263 departures, eight years rotation more than 17,000 Duo crew The times people.
The company has established a good cooperative relationship with the Peruvian naval shipyard. In the end, the company has for the Peruvians of the Navy of the shipyards repairs Chinese fishing boats up to 371, of which 2,017 meditation 102, total repair of eight years of more than $ 15 million. In addition, the Company has become the fourth largest customer in the shipyards of Naval del Perú in the fourth consecutive year, and the SIMA and the Peruvian Navy shipyard established a good relationship of cooperation, will be able to reserve more than 100 dock ships for the Armada shipyard bit every year. Each year, the company ships almost 200 ships in the Port of Chimbote. Under the leadership of the company, the local economy of the city of Chimbote is booming.

The company has 35 employees, including 9 Chinese employees and 26 Peruvian employees.
The company has invested in Peru for eight consecutive years and currently has 12 types of cars, two traffic boats, office buildings with own property rights and more than 800 square meters of office space.

Our company has a professional management team that can handle all kinds of unexpected events, especially the handling of crew incidents. The complete crew management system of the company minimizes incidents related to the crew abroad and is recognized and praised by the Consular Department of the Embassy.

The company is gradually set up a set of "radio SMSSM detection, ship repair, intermediation services, transit transit of goods, fish loading of transshipment, inspection co fishing, inspection of salvage fires, transport, fishing and Information consulting services "in one of the integrated offshore fishing services large platform To provide customers with more complete and quality services.
Affiliates of the company: foreign companies Lurie Secretary Shipping Agency Ltd Chimbote Branch, Hualong Shipping Services Ltd., Rui Yang Import and Export Co., Ltd. Swiss foreign transport, the Chinese domestic branch - Austrian Zhoushan Society Hurley Card Ocean Fishing Service Co. , Ltd.

Our company provides services to customers in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai and other provinces and cities, effective guarantee for the healthy development of offshore fishing in China in the deep sea fisheries of the Southeast Pacific
I give top priority to the interests of the owner, the urgent needs of the owner, the spirit of service "fast, efficient and of high quality", follow the shipowners, fishing on the high seas for the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese services, cleaning and maintenance of Chinese coastal fisheries Environment of the fishing industry At the same time, we thank our customers for their trust and support for our company.